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"My husband and I both have been seeing Dr. David Aronowitz (and his team!) for all of our dental care for a few years now. Not only is Dr. Aronowitz personable, professional and truly excellent at what he does -- but his team is nothing shy of amazing!

Julie, who takes care of everything on the front end (billing, scheduling, reception, etc etc etc) is an absolute delight -- she is sweet, kind, patient and has HEART -- she gives the warmest welcome!

I have had a few cavities filled, many cleanings -- and I can honestly say that I don't mind going because it's always a positive experience when I go.

Dr. Aronowitz is genuine, caring, thoroughly professional and incredibly patient -- he always takes the time to ask how you are doing -- and explain things in a way that is understandable.

I have never been to a dentist THIS GOOD -- truly. Pain-free, relaxing, very friendly, comfortale staff and environment...etc. Highly recommended! "

When can you go to and from the dentist and be happy about it? When it is Dr. Aronowitz.

"I have a lot a severe dental issues, which makes me very nervous at the dentist.

The office staff greets me and makes me feel welcome. The assistants nicely review what I need to have done. The Dr. enters and discusses it with me and cover all the options to keep the visit completely pain free. And just before he starts he asks what type of music I like so he can play something similar to keep my relaxed.

During last visit for a big filing right in the front, I found myself laughing before it started that my smile was going to noticed in a good way from now on! And after a painless procedure ( I really am sensitive) and Dr. Aronowitz working like an artist to make my tooth look as good as possible, I was ready to have him work on more!

You are not distraught from his offices visits, and no pain no gain does not apply here.

Thank you Dr. Aronowitz for going above and beyond to take care of my very difficult situation. You are a champion of pain free quality oral restoration. And will ALWAYS be my Dentist."

I searched for over a year to find a TMJ doctor in Premera network. Dr. Aronowitz and his staff were *way* more helpful than the UW TMJ clinic, and I am experiencing less TMJ pain/issues than I have in the last 5 years. I truly am grateful for Dr. Aronowitz and his staff. The staff is helpful and really want to help you feel better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Aronowitz to those experiencing TMJ issues.

Treatment Length with Dr. Aronowitz: 3 months

"Dr. Aronowitz was really nice to me and understood my financial problems and did the best he could to help me to also have the best experience that I ever had in a dental facility before. He was really attentive, asking all the time if it hurts or if someting was wrong.

I had lots of cavities unfortunately but Dr. Aronowitz , his nice assistant and their hygienist took very well care of me. I am really happy that I went to BSDC, and I highly recommend it to everybody!!! Everybody in that facility is ready to help any time, great staff and great customer service. "

"Dr. Aronowitz is knowledgeable and takes his profession seriously, but is still pleasant and nice. I like him and I trust him. I feel that he is interested in doing what is best for me.

My dental work has been simple--just checkups, cleanings and two easy cavities (he even took a picture of the cavities, so I could see what they look like and KNOW they were there).

My husband has had more complicated procedures and LOVES the painless procedures and the quick work. No problems."

"I have had extensive dental work done in California by some of the top SF dentists at University of the Pacific Dental School and USF. Dr. Aronowitz is easily among the top dentist I have seen and I highly recommend him. I met him after having an implant, two extractions and three bone grafts done in California in January. When I returned home to Seattle I experienced intense pain and did not want to fly back to California and luckly, found Dr. Aronowitz through a recommendation from another fine dentist, Dr. Tripppel. The office, staff and doctor are all well above avrerage and I would highly recommend the doctor to anyone...especially those who have chronic pain. I have had facial pain neuralgia for years and feel I'm in excellent hands with Dr. Aronowitz."

"Dr. Aronowitz is the best TMD specialist in the area. My jaw was locked, not able to open my mouth because problems in my jaw. He saw me just a few times and now my problem is gone. 
I do not have to see him anymore unless I start again with TMD symptoms.

Highly recommended. The best !!"

"I had soft teeth as a child and consumed too much sugar. As a result I had large amalgams in many of my teeth and problems with teeth breaking.

Over the course of several sessions I became certain Dr. Aronowitz would always explain clearly what he was doing, minimize pain, and ensure all work. Some of the repairs were difficult, but he showed complete confidence and skill. My own confidence in the appearance of my teeth has improved greatly due to his work.

He and his staff have very high standards, and I have had no issues with billing or insurance. They are always friendly, and helpful even with responding to off-hours problems like breaking a tooth."

"All my treatments have been a success. No pain. They have the crowns on time. Very friendly. Works very carefully."

"I had very difficult neglected teeth. His careful gentle work, genuine concern, patience made all the difference. I wouldn't say this if it wasn't true.

Dr. David Aronowitz does a terrific job and looks out for your best interest. His know what hes talking about and if you flinch just a bit he will stop and ask if it hurts."

"This is by far the best doctor experience I ever had in my life! This dentist is both knowledgeable and nice for a change. He know what he is doing and he tells you exactly what that is. He REALLY cares about you as a person, not only an income. Highly reccomended!"

"I had not been to a dentist for a very long time. I had the worst dentist growing up and did not look forward to ever seeing a dentist again.

I'm a very happy patient of Dr. Aronowitz. He does what is best for his patients. He is very gentle and very thorough in explaining all of his procedures."

"Dr. David Aronowitz and his staff have been exceptional to say the least.

My teeth are now clean and healthy!

Every appointment I had (4 total) was on time with minimal waiting and also finishing within a few minutes of when I was informed prior to the service.

His staff are also really nice and friendly.